Since I noticed that you would be bringing your own firewood to site, information about transporting firewood (linked from the Iowa DNR website:
I like the ash tree in my yard, I don't want to have to pay to take it down. ;)
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Subject: [CALONTIR] anyone need a ride or help setting up for cross and compass
From: "jeffery vitale" <[log in to unmask]>
Date: 8/13/13 5:31 pm
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I am heading to cross and compass with my cousin on friday around 5-6 ish. I have backseat and trunk space 2-3 people could fit.. and possibly 1-2(alive) 4-5 (contortionists) in trunk if need be. I will have minimal gear 2 tents some wood a firepit. as i will be trying to purchase garb and gear from merchants at the cross and compass so bring what you want/can just rember it is a car so polearms may not fit well

PS i am leaving from dubuque iowa but i will swing into cedar rapids or some other location along way if need be

pss i am not charging i am going to event either way so no skin off my back

shoot me a email at
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