Greetings fighters of Calontir!  The end of the Calontir Behourd is quickly approaching. Following a year of what I hope has been great fighting, and crossing swords with people new to you, it is now time to declare a winner!
If you are coming to Cattle Raids on Aug. 24th, please bring your Behourd books with you and turn them in at troll.  Remember to please put your name and fighting rank (MAA, Fyrd, Hus or Knight) inside the cover.  The victors will be announced at Court.  There will be a prize for the MAA, Fyrd, and over all fighter with the highest number of names checked in their books. Randwulf has been hard at work on them, and they are glorious.
If you are not planning on attending Cattle Raids, TODAY is the day to mail your books to HE Randwulf.  The address is included in your book. 
In Service,
Seraphina Brugari
Baroness of Mag Mor