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In Service,
Gunnar Thorisson
Vert Hawk Herald
CALONTIR acceptances
* Aethelwine Aethelredson. Device. Paly of four sable and Or, a cross of Calatrava counterchanged.
Commenters questioned whether or not this was excessive counterchanging. As SENA A3F4 specifically allows counterchanging a single charge over a field division of four sections, this is not excessive counterchanging. Commenters also questioned whether or not we should specify the number of traits in a paly field. SENA A3B3d specifically uses paly of four in its examples of divided fields, which at least implies that it is a blazon that we accept. While in general we do not specify the number of traits in a paly or other similarly-divided field, we more typically are considering fields wherein the number of traits is at least seven, as we consider X, three pallets Y to be equivalent to Paly X and Y, but not X, two pallets Y. This field could also be blazoned as Per pale sable and Or, a pale counterchanged. As the traits are evenly spaced in this field, as one would expect from a paly division, but are decidedly few in number, we will be explicit in noting this as a four-part division.
* Andreas ap David. Device. Counter-ermine, a unicorn rampant contourny and in chief two mullets of eight points Or.

* Anne von Weingarten. Device. Per pale argent and gules, two lions combatant counterchanged, a bordure Or semy of grape clusters proper.

* Catrijn vanden Westhende. Device. Azure, a fess ermine between three cinquefoils Or.
Her previous device, Vert, on a chief triangular argent a lotus in profile azure, is retained as a badge.
Nice device!
* Gianeta Grifoni. Name and device. Azure, two conies combatant and in base a crescent, a chief nebuly Or.

* Karl zum Drachen. Name and device. Argent semy of leaves vert, a dragon's head erased purpure.
The submitter may want to know that Karl Drache is also a plausible name with a similar meaning.
Nice cant!
* Sung Sai-rh. Name and device. Gules, in saltire a goutte between four lotus flowers in profile bases to center Or.
Commenters questioned whether Sai-rh, the given name of a famous 15th century rebel, was a unique name and hence unregisterable. It is not. It is used, for example, as the name of a servant girl in a 16th century story written by Feng Menglong. Thus it is a registerable given name.