Ahhh... that's the life. :)

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Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 10:34 AM
Subject: [CALONTIR] Finola report 7am 8/21/13

The past two mornings Finola has been lively and hungry enough to place a specific breakfast order at 7am.  To put this in context,  Finola is normally not awake enough to eat the breakfast I leave for her until 10am. 

Of course after this early breakfast she'll go back to sleep until time for her usual breakfast and TV watching.  Perhaps a little sleep before lunch.  An after lunch nap of course, then depending on when lunch was eaten there may be a mid afternoon snack.  Then rest up until I get home and serve dinner.  After which she lies down to aid digestion, followed by more TV and a little something before bed.  All of this of course is shared with Deke and Junebug, who can hear a cracker box being opened from a mile away.