Greetings all!
I am forwarding a message from the Diamond Wars Equestrian Marshal in Charge, Lady Christiana Breakspear. Please forgive the cross-posting, if you've already seen this and thank you! I've had fun every year I've gone. 
In Service,
Greetings from Gleann Abhann! 

I am Lady Christiana Breakspear and I am EqMIC for Diamond Wars. It is being held on Oct 17-19 at Camp Cedar Valley in Viola, Arkansas as we host the epic battle between the Barony of Weisenfeuer and the Barony of Grey Niche! I am inviting all Calontiri Equestrians to attend and defend the honor of your brethren! There will be archery challenges, crest combat and a challenge course as well as at least one cross country trek (trail ride). The site is primitive in regards to horse accommodations, so please bring portable pens or be prepared to highline, there is no shortage of trees for that. There is water access as well as a few RV spots for trailers with LQ. Hot shower and flushie access as well. Stay tuned for more information as the time grows near. You may contact me through private message on Facebook (Jessica Saucier) or email at [log in to unmask]

As a side note, if there is anyone who has lure coursing equipment for the hounds and would be interested in attending and bringing said equipment, please contact me. Thank you.

-Lady Christiana