To the populace of Calontir does His Excellency Duncan Bruce of Logan send heartfelt greetings.

My brothers and sisters of the sword, how many of you have stood with me or against be int the gate of the fort at Lilies war? How many of you relish the thought of of tempting me to take that one more step, so you can reach me around the wall? Oh come one now, I know there are more of you than that!

For those of you who don't fight, how many of you have watched your children play in and around the fort? How many of you have attended vigils held there? How much better has your Lilies experience been because the fort exists?

It has been many years since a stalwart crew created all the parts that we have used on a yearly basis, and some of those parts are starting to wear out. We need to take some time and go through the parts, inventory what we have, fix what we can by consolidation, and figure out what needs to be built anew.

To that end, His Lordship Snorri and I will be going to the Lilies storage site from the King's Company of Archers event. We are ABSOLUTELY NOT suggesting that people skip out on that event. What we are hoping for is that some people who are not planning on attending the event will travel to it anyway and come help out.

We are tentatively scheduled to leave the Lilies site for the storage site at 10:00 am, so we can beat at least part of the heat. That doesn't mean get to Lilies site at 10:00, that means get there by 9:30, so we can consolidate vehicles and head out.

I will get lunch provided, but everyone should bring water and/or gatorade. Battery powered drills with phillips bits would be most helpful as well. Wear gloves, and bring eye protection if you have it, just in case.

If you think you can come and help, please contact either His Lordship Snorri or me so we can get an idea of how many folks we are talking about.


-- Logan --