Speaking of puppets:
Wow! It was just awesome...
So, just before head out to Pennsic I found out that the 'Period Puppet Filk Choir' performance has been canceled. So, after some emails from my ancestral manse in Clifton NJ (note: Dolan does not have a smart phone and, at events, not even a stupid phone), it was determined that we should work with Master Cerian Cantwyr (author of 'Death, Doom and Gloom') in order to help intro the army and that Calontir classic 'Cheer'. I finally caught up with him about 4 hours before the show and so it was arranged...
In true Calontir Army style Their Royal Majesties joined our muster (a little over 30 of us), we marched to the 'battlefield' (aka the Performing Arts Pavillion), arrived promptly and as per usual had to wait (they promised us they'll start on time today). Master Cerian as per our 'Clever Plan' began to intro his song and at some point Master Rhodri indicated that we in Calontir have PLENTY of cheery songs and was challenged to 'name one'. When he mentioned 'Cheer' Their Majesties led the army as we assembled on stage and in the wings. (The curtains that separated some of the backstage area created an excellent 'sock puppet stage'.) The audience began rolling in the aisles almost as soon as we started and enjoyed the many cool Pennsic references in the song as well as our various stage antics (please feel free to ask some of the performers about that, as I did not really look around much). The crescendo of it all seems to me about the time Rhodri, Drix and Leatherhand decided that I was the focus of 'we won't be crammed in altogether', Our army did the song proud keeping up well with all the words despite the many wonderful distractions.
I remained on stage as the army departed with Cerian asking me 'have you ever listened to the words of that song?' and so I refrained 'Cheer, we'll never live to victory, Cheer we'll never live...to...hear...<frown> Cheer we'll never live...HEY We never live! Guess you were right after all Cerian...Never Mind! And back to the purple pavilion we went.
There are pictures, if you are not on facebook, please ask your friends who are to share them (the ones more tech capable than me). If you are on facebook you will see a good number of them on my page.
Thanks to Their Majesties for Their enthusiastic support, to the many Calontiri from some of our youngest to some of our fabled veterans who joined us on or near that stage and especially to the sock puppet makers of our kingdom. Certainly could not have done this with out you!
It was just awesome!
PS And  a special thanks to my apprentice HL Ingeborg for getting the ball rolling on all this