Allen, you all so need to make sure you get a strong enough hitch for the trailer you are pulling, because there is different waits of hitches.

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Subject: [MAGMOR] Trailer Hitch question...
Date: Sun, Aug 4, 2013 9:04 AM
Volkmar and Isadora have had good luck with the U-Haul at 48th and Vine.  I did not have such great luck where I went.  I would highly recommend the hitch that slides out and is secured with a pin.  I believe that it is a bit more expensive but it sure saves the shins. I would also recommend a 2 inch ball.


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Okay, general question out to the group...I'm looking for a trailer hitch to mount to our minivan.  Anyone have suggestions, best places to get one installed, one lying around gathering dust...?

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