At the moot this evening it was mentioned that we are giving a monetary donation to St. Mark’s on the Campus church, in appreciation for them letting us use the building for meetings, Baronial A&S, and precooks.  I had mentioned that they currently have a need for dozens of home baked cookies for Big Red Welcome, and that if anybody was interested in donating some cookies to the cause, it would be greatly appreciated.


Some people mentioned that they’d like to help.  So here is the pertinent info.


1.       They are needed on the day after Cattle Raids, August 25.  If you can make them and bring them to either the precook at St. Mark’s on this coming Saturday or bring them to the meeting at Walt next Wed., or even to Cattle Raids, Isadora or I can deliver them to the church.

2.       You can bag and freeze them, or bring them unfrozen, and we can freeze them (if you make them soon, rather than close to the date).

3.       Since it’s usually hot at Big Red Welcome, please avoid things that melt—like chocolate chip cookies.

4.       They should be individual cookies, rather than bar cookies.


If you plan to make some, please let me know how many dozen you will make.  That way I can let the church know how many to expect.


Thanks in advance for your generosity!