You don't need to register a name or device, but it affords you a bit of "personal copyright protection" in doing so.  For kidlets, I recommend that they wait a few years before registering their names, but it is really easy to change names and devices, just filling out new forms and paying new fees.  I also recommend once you decide on a device that you put it to the fridge/mirror test.  Hang the final design on your fridge or bathroom mirror (somewhere you'll see it often) for at least 2 weeks to see if you still love it after some time. 
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Subject: [MAGMOR] Another basic name question....
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Date: 8/27/13 10:08 am
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Do the kids need to register their SCA names? ... And..if they register their SCA names now, can they change them when they get older, because we all know that a name you choose when you're 7 might not have the same appeal 10 years later. 
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