If you plan to pull it with the minivan you are likely stuck with a class 2 hitch receiver maximum. They are usually pretty easy to install. I agree with the previous question of, what do you wish to pull? The other thing to remember is the wiring harness because each trailer is different. Most class 2 trailers I have pulled have been 4 wire. When I make it back home I will send you the site I usually get mine from.

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Do you know what kind of trailer you wish to pull?  Most hitches have certain ratings and some cars are only able to accept certain types of hitches.  You should be able to do a Google search to see what types of hitches you can get on your vehicle.  And if you already have a trailer that will always tell you what type of hitch you need. 

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Okay, general question out to the group...I'm looking for a trailer hitch to mount to our minivan.  Anyone have suggestions, best places to get one installed, one lying around gathering dust...?


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