Hi All,

Perhaps we are being to analytical here.  I think that perhaps they may
have meant to state that the "Bite" was in reference to the cost of Fire
Ant control.  If this is the case, the designers should have been
blatantly clear. (perhaps I am being too analytical here)



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Well, hmm.  I know from experience that management  crisis has it's
merits if one is short staffed.  So my thought is that not many folks
listen to their own, but an outsider are always more credible.  A
reasoned logical "the museum surely doesn't want to be known for it's
errors" approach plus a gentle reminder that while they "may be very
good exhibits people, it would be good to  work as a team within your
ranks to catch such errors before they become costly and so that the
overall effect is, in fact, the excellence they strive for."

Now we just need an email address of the director so we can each craft a
different but gentle and tactful letter.

It has been brought to my attention....

I happened to notice.....



Sharon J. Collman

WSU Snohomish County Extension

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You might be interested in this response from a personal contact there
at the LACM:

"Oh yeah, I KNOW. Myself and several other people have talked to the
exhibits people about it. They "have it on their list." Apparently there
are more pressing concerns with other parts of the exhibit. That's not
the only thing in there that has me in a tizzy. Thank you for sending
this to me; I will continue to make a stink about it in hopes that
speeds things up. Unbelievable."

So, evidently, the exhibits people are well aware of the problem and
have been for some time now.

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