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The Heterodox Economics Newsletter is sponsoring a booth at the ASSA in Philadelphia.  The point of the booth is to make heterodox economics visible to mainstream economists.  The total cost of the booth comes to around $2,000.  So it is an expensive activity to try to get noticed by the mainstream.  Remaining invisible is not really an option.  We would like to have flyers and other kinds of material detailing the various heterodox associations and their activities and various heterodox undergraduate/graduate programs and their activities.  Flyers and other material heterodox journals and publishers are also welcome; and finally, even individual heterodox economists could have material at the booth (of course subject to space).  Remember, the point of the booth is to make heterodox economics visible in a hostile environment, so do not expect lots of people to stop by the booth and pick up your particular flyer etc.  This is a collective activity to help the heterodox community as a whole.  So far only URPE/RRPE has come forward to support us.  I/We invite you to participate in the booth by providing flyers etc. material to be displayed, stopping by the booth just to say hello, or even helping staff the booth for say an hour so to answer any questions from interested (or even non-interested, anti-interested economists).   So avoid the sins of respectability and self-centerness and  do not be a free-rider--lend a hand.

Contact Tae-Hee Jo ([log in to unmask]) or myself ([log in to unmask]) if you have any questions and/or willing to support this activity.


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