I should be able to be there. Also I actually have mead.


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>  Hi, Mag Mor.
> Octoberfest (or OctoBeerfest) is on Thursday, October 10, at the Lancaster
> Co Event Center.  Because that's the same day I'll be having shoulder
> surgery, neither Volkmar nor I will be able to attend.  Can someone please
> help coordinate this demo?  I'm happy to share all I know about it.
>    - Jim Krysl is the contact (402-730-8755),[log in to unmask]
>    - We should plan to show up as soon after 4:30 pm as possible to get
>    set up.  There's a VIP hour (people who pay to get in early) from 5:30 to
>    6:30 pm
>     - Here's the info from the event center calendar:
>      - Nebraska Stroke Okto Beer Fest
>       Location: Pavilion I
>       Benefit for the Nebraska State Stroke Association
>       VIP 5:30-6:30pm
>       Beer Tasting Food Sampling Silent Auction
>       6:30-9:30pm
>        - 4100 N. 84th Street, Lincoln, Ne 68507
>    - Last year we had Shrewsbury cake and gingerbrede samples along with
>    the wine, liqueur, mead, etc samples.  We still have lots of recipe cards
>    stapled to baronial business cards. I'll make gingerbrede samples, Gwyneth
>    said she'd make the Shrewsbury cake samples. I've also still got lots of
>    those little paper cups for sampling.
>    - We tried to have a few other crafts visible at the table, and --
>    hopefully -- fighting and/or dancing and/or music for the stage area at 7
>    pm.  Ceiling height is NOT a problem! The stage may be smallish for
>    fighting, but -- with a couple of constables -- there's space in front of
>    the stage that worked well in the past.
>     - There will be plenty of free food there from many, many booths, so
>    anyone helping with the demo can just plan on eating supper there.
> Please contact me if you can attend -- I'll pass that information along to
> whoever ends up coordinating that day.
> -- Isadora

Judy Thiem

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