Hi, Mag Mor.
Octoberfest (or OctoBeerfest) is on Thursday, October 10, at the 
Lancaster Co Event Center.  Because that's the same day I'll be having 
shoulder surgery, neither Volkmar nor I will be able to attend.  Can 
someone please help coordinate this demo?  I'm happy to share all I know 
about it.

  * Jim Krysl is the contact (402-730-8755),[log in to unmask]
  * We should plan to show up as soon after 4:30 pm as possible to get
    set up.  There's a VIP hour (people who pay to get in early) from
    5:30 to 6:30 pm

          Here's the info from the event center calendar:


              Nebraska Stroke Okto Beer Fest

        Location: Pavilion I
        Benefit for the Nebraska State Stroke Association
        VIP 5:30-6:30pm
        Beer Tasting Food Sampling Silent Auction
        4100 N. 84th Street, Lincoln, Ne 68507

  * Last year we had Shrewsbury cake and gingerbrede samples along with
    the wine, liqueur, mead, etc samples.  We still have lots of recipe
    cards stapled to baronial business cards. I'll make gingerbrede
    samples, Gwyneth said she'd make the Shrewsbury cake samples. I've
    also still got lots of those little paper cups for sampling.
  * We tried to have a few other crafts visible at the table, and --
    hopefully -- fighting and/or dancing and/or music for the stage area
    at 7 pm.  Ceiling height is NOT a problem! The stage may be smallish
    for fighting, but -- with a couple of constables -- there's space in
    front of the stage that worked well in the past.
  * There will be plenty of free food there from many, many booths, so
    anyone helping with the demo can just plan on eating supper there.

Please contact me if you can attend -- I'll pass that information along 
to whoever ends up coordinating that day.

-- Isadora