There is a possibility of rain. No, scratch that. From the current 
radar, it looks like it WILL rain in Lincoln sometime this evening, but 
it looks like it may wait until 9 o'clock or so. I still intend to hold 
fighter practice, but will be prepared to close it down quickly if the 
rain shows up.

If we have to shut down early, then my house will be open for working on 
armor, weapons, etc. or just for hanging out for a while. We're about 4 
blocks from the practice site, at 811 S. 32nd St. in Lincoln.

See you there!


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Just spoke with HE Volkmar ... practice is still a go. At this point 
there are not any storms in Lincoln.

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Remember practice this evening is in Mag Mor. They have been doing a 
wonderful job of traveling to Omaha on the first Tuesday of the month. 
Tonight is our turn. Fighters (both steel and rattan), artisans, and 
talkers (not that any of those are mutually exclusive:)) what are you 
plans for attending tonight. Augustine and I will be carpooling. This 
may be the last outdoors practice in Lincoln before it gets to be too 
dark to play outside...(notice I did not mention low temps or odd cold 
white flakes...while I have been on the warm side lately, I am not ready 
to admit that stuff is coming:))

See you tonight...Woods Park, 33rd & L Streets, Lincoln NE

Sir Michael
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