Sorry Carlos-  just to clarify-  you are looking for numbers of possible camping the evening before the archery championship(which would be the evening of Sat Oct 12th, with the championship on Sunday Oct 13th) AND numbers of people interested in competing in the actual tournament? 

I just wanted to make sure I read that right.  Unfortunately, I have to work that whole weekend (boo!), so can't add my name to the list.  I do encourage people to camp though, it is a LOVELY site, very peaceful, nice firepits, permanent composting toilets, tons of trees, mowed often so there aren't major bug issues...  I wish I could make it, I would certainly camp!


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Hello again all Gentles of Mag Mor,

I'm again writing to you all, to ask who would be interning the Archery Champion Tournament, so I can get a head count all so?

You again can E-mail me or call the home phone, regarding this.  Again this is so I can get a head count.

Lord Carlos

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