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Subject: [CALONTIR] Queen's Prize Updates

Greetings all! 

A few reminders/updates about Queen's Prize this weekend!

1. The NEW and IMPROVED schedule for Queen's Prize is available here (with room and table assignments!): 

2. As in previous years, there will be a Judges' Choice basket (judges will get a voting slip in their judging packets). If you would like to contribute something to the prize, the basket will be available for filling at the judge check-in table. (This is NOT a requirement for judging.)

3. Troll is CASH ONLY.

4. The event is on campus: 900 University Avenue, Columbia, MO 65211-6100. 

5. PARKING is available in the garage at the corner of Hitt and Elm St.

We have had a HUGE turn out this year to honor our Queen and the Arts and Sciences in Calontir. I hope you will all bring your best, your excitement, and your *patience* as everything will take longer, be louder, and be more awesome with so many entrants!

Can't wait to see everyone!


P.S. -- Please forward this message to any interested parties you can think of! :)
Maerwynn of Holme
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