And here's the beast in person, gleaned from the net under images for
afflicta: *

Thank youuuu,

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> That's probably the beast, Kathleen.  As you noted, there's apparently
> considerable variation in the coloration of the larvae.  The book I have (a
> Princeton guide also by David L. Wagner) shows a pale green larva with
> setae almost exactly like the caterpillar we had in hand.  Wagner states
> that prepupal forms of daggers often turn pink or red, "especially those
> that tunnel into wood to to fashion a pupal chamber."  There are also
> melanistic forms, which might account for the black head (which also could
> have been a dark reddish brown.)  That the larva might have been looking
> for a soft chunk of wood would make sense, because my grandson found it on
> the ground, and when I let it go it preferred being in the understory.
> Thanks much !
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