Yesterday my incurably curious grandson was turning over leaves and rocks
and found a caterpillar I've not seen before.  Nor can I find it in various
guides.  Physically it resembled the caterpillar of *Polygrammate hebraeicum
*, the lovely moth called the Hebrew due it's black markings on white wings
resembling a Hebrew character.  Only this caterpillar had a fairly smooth
red body (darkish red), a black head, and two rows of very small black dots
on both sides of the abdomen.  From each dot grew a single seta;  the setae
were long but thin and sparse.  Here's a reference to the *P.
hebraeicum*caterpillar from The Bug Guide, on line: .

Any idea what it could be?

Thanks in advance,

Bruce Bartrug
Nobleboro, Maine, USA
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