I'm going to agree with Deb here. I've run into that with Arches paper, switched to Fabriano Artistico after that happened a few times.  I think it's the sizing gone bad.

Kathy G
On Sep 9, 2013, at 9:13 PM, Deb Haines wrote:

Holly, do you have a scrap of your older watercolor paper to compare against your new paper to see if you get the same speckling. It could be the sizing in the paper. Wash the paper and stretch to see if the speckling decreases or stops. You can also just check on plain paper. I've never had issues because of the age of watercolor paints. Deb

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I have been using my watercolor paint for several years now. (Probably 5 years).  I have noticed speckling in the paint on the paper lately. I am using the same type of 300lb hot press.  How ever it is a new paper order.  Does the pigment go bad after time????  Holly 


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