Hi Linda,

Here is how I use the Intuos tablet--really a weird setup but, it seems to work:

I have the big Intuos Pro.  I place it front and center--centered between me and my big monitor.  I set the tablet workspace to be about 2/3 size of the tablet, anchored in the lower right corner.  I am right handed, and this seems comfortable.  So, I don't use the whole tablet for my work,  just the lower right 2/3.  Then I place my keyboard along the top edge of the tablet, above the area that I use to draw.  This way, I can easily access the keys I need with my left hand (Alt, Ctrl, Shift), or can easily type when I need to.

I don't use a mouse, I have a trackball instead, which is off to the right, so I can navigate as needed (mouse could be here).  As for the tablet's dedicated navigation buttons, I have found that they are a bit cumbersome to use, because on mine I need to push too hard to activate them--so I use the keyboard instead.  But the tablet has one thing I absolutely love--the navigation wheel, which I use to scale my photoshop brushes on the fly--it is really good for this, and has become second nature.  This is a fairly ergonomic way to work, no long reaches, and it works well for a rightie.

Does this make sense?  If you need visual clarification, I could send you a photo of my setup.



Chris Gralapp

Chris Gralapp, MA, CMI

Medical/Scientific Illustration


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