I'm pretty sure your understanding is correct. And that law isn't likely to change anytime soon. ; )

And... as a tangent - I've donated work a few times to organizations who told me it would be 'good exposure' and that I'd get commissions or other sales from it. Never happened. So now I only donate work that a) did not represent a significant outlay of my time and b) did not cost me more than what I would be willing and able to donate to the organization anyway (so, no framed, matted pieces, for example).

Kathy G

On Sep 20, 2013, at 9:29 AM, Lynette Cook wrote:

> Can someone please confirm that current tax law still states that artists may deduct only the materials used in a work of art donated for an auction (as opposed to the retail/full price)? As far as I know this has never changed, but I want to double check my facts before I call someone's attention to misleading wording in a request for artworks. My question is about artists donating their own art.
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