Hello all,

It's become clear that I need to upgrade the means by which I import my paintings and drawings into the computer - my $200 desktop scanner is limited to 600dpi, and only 8.5 x 11". Tiling large images is a pain, and I really need the option of super high resolution for some clients.

I know some artist's prefer the copy stand/photography route, but I actually think a high quality scanner is more my taste: many of my pieces involve scanning multiple layers - an ink drawing, a gouache painting, a texture, etc - and combining them in photoshop, and I just like the ease of throwing each layer into the scanner before I fuss with them.

Does anyone use a large format flatbed that they like? I'm looking at the Epson Expression 11000XL - we used to have one in the studio I worked in a number of years ago and I really fancied it - but it's obviously a rather large purchase, so I'd love anyone's possible insights before taking the plunge.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!


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