I am the ultimate in lazy. I often sit on the sofa with my laptop supported on a cushion to the side so it's a bit elevated and the screen tilted so it's a good angle. The tablet and pen are on my lap. 
i can sit cross-legged or more ladylike ; ), change positions with ease for comfort over long stretches of drawing.

I have one of the medium wacoms - an 8" diagonal; very comfortable to use and store. I've had it a LONG time - my son got it for me for Christmas one year when he saw me struggling with a big pen and ink contract, bless him! - and I love it. I should probably upgrade but it's fine for my needs right now.

Kathy G

On Sep 15, 2013, at 9:48 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:

> Hi Chris:
> I think I, too would only use a portion of the large tablet, so I'm looking at the Small or Medium ones. The price may sway my decision, but it's early days yet. 
> Does the placement of your keyboard above your tablet require reaching? or it is placed where your wrist can rest on a surface. You mentioned no "long reaches".  I use gel cushions for both the keyboard and mouse and sometimes the tablet. I'd appreciate a picture of your setup. I am curious about the "reach".
> In the reviews, some folks report that the newest tablets are so easy to touch, they often change things too easily and are annoying. What version do you have?
> Yes, the navigation wheel sounds like it can be programmed for the things I use most. 
> It makes lots of sense, thank you for your help. 
> Very much appreciated,
> Linda

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