Hi Will, and thank you.
That makes perfect sense to me, because I had an ergonomic expert analyze my work space, both computer and drawing board, years ago when I lived in Seattle. My workspace is about what you describe (without the pen tablet arrangement) and I use a lumbar support, a slanted foot rest, ergonomic chair, and gell wrist cushions, or a sock to pad my wrist while using the tablet, it's thin and slides along with me. 

I used to set a horribly irritating alarm clock across the room for every 20 minutes. Made me get up from the drawing board. Not any more, tho....I think I smashed it once too often.

I didn't have as much wrist damage then, but it had started already with the auto accident in '94 (two shoulder surgeries and a rib removed). 

It is sound advice. Our bodies change, and it really is good advice to watch posture and work space.  AND take those short breaks. We do really work nose to the grindstone. 

Yes, you are right, I need a tablet that has controls on the tablet, and really try to program them (gag) to replace the keyboard commands, so I can completely move the keyboard aside like you suggest. I did use the tablet in my lap yesterday, as OC suggested, and yes, I can draw in that position!. It uses different forearm muscles, and takes a lot of strain off the brachiordadialis muscle. So today, I will move the tablet directly in front of me and see how that feels. 

Thank you very much,
and cheers!
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On Sep 15, 2013, at 3:03 PM, Smith Will (Toowong) wrote:

> I had an ergonomic expert look at my working environment and she told me to : sit up straight, have my body close to the desk, keep my mouse or tablet close to my body, have my elbow at desk height, move the keyboard away to make room for the mouse/tablet right in front of my body and have short breaks. I hope that is some help.
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