Well, after several years of use, the alarm clock did seem to show some wear and tear. After all, I picked the most annoying one. 
Did I day it was all the way across the room? 

I bought one of those expensive, elaborate ergonomic chairs, but it is the most uncomfortable thing no matter how many adjustments. Finally it froze and won't adjust any more. The best chair I found was a simple Costco office chair, up and down, up and down adjustable back, nice cushion, and it needed a wee bit of lumbar, so I just bought one with velcrow to stay in place. The foot rest allows me to have the chair the right height, yes. Small things, but important, like Will says. 

I did place the tablet in my lap and it was enlightening. Any small change will use different muscles, so it was a good exercise. I will continue to experiment, and thank you for your suggestion. 

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On Sep 16, 2013, at 7:36 AM, OC Carlisle wrote:

> Ergonomics is definitely the key for us at the CPU.  One item from a chiropractor: when you sit, push tour tush all the way back to the back of the chair.  Forces the spine into a straight position.  With my short legs, indeed a foot rest.
> I still like the alarm bit; my eye doc suggested the 20 min work, 5 min break, minimum.
> You would smash an alarm clock, Oh my!  LOL...All the best Linda! 
> "OC" Carlisle 
> On Sep 16, 2013, at 9:42 AM, Linda Feltn

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