Phipps Conservancy is looking for a Botanical Art Instructor.
Please send queries to email at  end of job description

Job Description

PhippsConservatory and Botanical Gardens is looking for an independent contractor toinstruct their Botanical Drawing I, II, and III as part of its Botanical Artand Illustration certificate program. These 18-hour courses are the certificateprogram’s primary introductory courses, as well as popular classes for thegeneral public. Phipps Botanical Art classes are primarily scheduled on Saturdaysand take place either at Phipps Garden Center in Mellon Park (1059 Shady Ave,Pittsburgh PA 15232) or at Phipps Conservatory’s Botany Hall (One SchenleyPark, Pittsburgh PA 15213). We run these courses throughout the year at varyingintervals.

Botanical Drawing I (18hours)

In this beginning drawing class youwill learn to accurately observe and record what you see, render it clearly andcreate the illusion of depth through light, shadow and perspective. Unliketraditional drawing courses, botanical illustration is and will performcreativity exercises and learn some “tricks” that are used by professionals.

Botanical Drawing II(18 hours)

Inthis class, students will apply basic drawing skills to accurately render plantstructures: leaves, stems, flowers, fruit and roots. Students will learn totone the basic plant structures and represent overlapping planes to createdepth.


BotanicalDrawing III (18 hours)

Buildingon skills acquired in Drawing I and II, intermediate students in BotanicalDrawing III will explore exercises and plant studies in pencil to furtherrefine their botanical illustration skills. Students will learn how to beginwith vigorous and accurate drawings, how to create stronger overall tonalforms, and, while maintaining overall form, to confidently render complexsurfaces, textures, and superficial shapes.


Job Qualifications

·      10+ years combined experienced teaching art andpracticing botanical (e.g. 6 years teaching art, 4 years practicing botanicalart)

·      Possessa deep understanding of the step-by-step process of creating a refinedbotanical drawing that demonstrates both botanical and artistic accuracy

·      Strong communication skills

·      Regular Saturday availability

·      Ability to create a safe and welcomingeducational space where students feel comfortable having their work critiqued.

Please digitallysubmit:

1)    A current resume,

2)    A portfolio of 5-10 pieces, with a focus ongraphite, demonstrating your experience with botanical art and illustration,

3)    Two professional references

All submittals andquestions should be directed to Gabe Tilove, Phipps’ adult educationcoordinator, at [log in to unmask]. He can also be reached at 412/441-4442x3208.  

Applications are due by October 15th, 2013.



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