I apologize for joining this conversation this late.  That said, I do have something to offer.

I recently produced a book, Rare, Declining, and Poorly Know Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera) of Forests and Woodlands in the Eastern United States, for US Forest Service.  The lead authority/author, Dale Shweitzer (Port Norris, NJ) is the guy you ought to be asking to identify this critter.  Coauthors are Marc C. Minno and David Wagner.

Dale's contact email address"  [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

Hope he can help.


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Carolyn, the photo was pirated, not mine.  I changed the color (rather, umm, quickly) in Photoshop.  It was a somewhat subdued red, not a flaming color.  I used this caterpillar (which is the larval form of the moth called the Hebrew due to the black markings on the imago's white wings that appear to be Hebrew characters) because it most resembled the one I was holding in basic structure.
I never saw what it was chomping on, as my grandson found the caterpillar and brought it to me to see.  The animal crawled like most caterpillars, i.e., it didn't loop or move like an inch-worm.  It was about an inch and a half long.

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How big is the critter and what kind of plant is it on?  Did you see it moving? Could you see its legs or did it just move without you being able to see them? I can


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