For my two cents I have had the high end scanners Epson 10K photo stylus pro with transparency.  It was approx. $2400 5-6 years ago, and I've used Silverfast since 1999.  I think as long as you are using a good color calibration software to ensure monitor, printer and scanner are in agreement that is the number one factor.  Also I'm not sure that a high end scanner is relevant if you are only doing a few items for one job.  It may be smarter to bundle the cost of scanning by an excellent prepress service rather than pay the expense.  I would do the math and make sure I could recoup the expense.   

I typically try to keep high end equipment between 7-10 years.  It seems the softwares and OS are the biggest factors for the upgrades and not necessarily the equipment.   See previous comments. Make sure on big purchases they are upgradeable as well as you can purchase extended warranties.  For low cost equipment you may find its cheaper to replace. 

Good luck.  Deb

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