Hi All:
I"m still mulling over on these tablets, and have a new question.

For those of you who use pen tablets, can you tell me if you've experienced less hand/wrist/arm fatigue if you use the tablet in front of you, where the keyboard would be -- or off to the side (where the mouse would be)? I am right handed, and work with my left hand on the keyboard in front of me and the pen tablet off to the right side, where the mouse would be. Right now I use a Wacom "blue" or something like that (4x6"), real simple.

I'm watching review videos of the Intuos tablets, and it seems it has some cool features, such as the programmable buttons that can do much of what I do with my left hand on the keyboard. But that means I would move the keyboard aside and place the tablet in front of me. I sure can't see using the tablet off to the side. 

It would be more like one using a pen and drawing on a sheet of paper in front of you, which is a natural position for drawing on a table. I wonder if part of my hand and arm fatigue results from this different angle off to the side. 

I'm facing a lot of upcoming work and I'd like to use the tablet. I just dont' know if anyone else has noticed.
(Yes, my wrists are weird and super sensitive to sustained drawing. 

The Intuos 5 touch looks kinda cool..... but it does so much, I'm sure I won't use a tenth of what it can do. BUT the rotating, brush sizing, and zoom are really nice features. 

Thanks in advance for your advice! It's a lot of money to spend on a "test". 
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