Hi there OC:

I got your message. 
Thanks for responding. 
I've been using a small tablet for 10 years +, but only over the last two have I developed a "hand" that is close to my own drawing hand on paper. 
Since my tablet is small, I'm not sure I can use it in my lap.  By placing it in my lap, I'm not sure more pressure will be put on my wrist (because it's hanging out in space). I'm doing quite controlled, precise drawing strokes, and moving only my fingers for control. But if it were resting on my leg that might take the strain, if the tablet doesn't slide off my lap. But before I poo-poo the idea, I will try it working on something. Nothing quite like being proved wrong, eh? I AM interested in less pain....

And the high-end tablets have more sensitivity and resolution, so this is all good information. 

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Have been using a tablet on & off for a number of years.  I use it as if I am drawing, in front of me.  At school, I have more table space, place it in front.  At home, less table space, put it in my lap.  Never used the tablet off to the side.  Have the mouse handy to use if needed somewhere else on the table.

 I have also seen my classmates work on a tablet sitting in their lap.  That's comfortable to me as well.  Hope this helps.  When I bought my first tablet, bought the high end one.  Will be upgrading soon to a larger size so I don't feel like I am drawing in the palm of my hand, LOL!


"OC" Carlisle

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Hi All:
I"m still mulling over on these tablets, and have a new question.

For those of you who use pen tablets, can you tell me if you've experienced less hand/wrist/arm fatigue if you use the tablet in front of you, where the keyboard would be -- or off to the side (where the mouse would be)? I am right handed, and work with my left hand on the keyboard in front of me and the pen tablet off to the right side, where the mouse would be. Right now I use a Wacom "blue" or something like that (4x6"), real simple.


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