Hi Chris:

I think I, too would only use a portion of the large tablet, so I'm looking at the Small or Medium ones. The price may sway my decision, but it's early days yet. 
Does the placement of your keyboard above your tablet require reaching? or it is placed where your wrist can rest on a surface. You mentioned no "long reaches".  I use gel cushions for both the keyboard and mouse and sometimes the tablet. I'd appreciate a picture of your setup. I am curious about the "reach".

In the reviews, some folks report that the newest tablets are so easy to touch, they often change things too easily and are annoying. What version do you have?
Yes, the navigation wheel sounds like it can be programmed for the things I use most. 

It makes lots of sense, thank you for your help. 
Very much appreciated,
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On Sep 14, 2013, at 8:25 PM, Chris Gralapp wrote:

Hi Linda,

Here is how I use the Intuos tablet--really a weird setup but, it seems to work:

I have the big Intuos Pro.  I place it front and center--centered between me and my big monitor.  I set the tablet workspace to be about 2/3 size of the tablet, anchored in the lower right corner.  I am right handed, and this seems comfortable.  So, I don't use the whole tablet for my work,  just the lower right 2/3.  Then I place my keyboard along the top edge of the tablet, above the area that I use to draw.  This way, I can easily access the keys I need with my left hand (Alt, Ctrl, Shift), or can easily type when I need to.

I don't use a mouse, I have a trackball instead, which is off to the right, so I can navigate as needed (mouse could be here).  As for the tablet's dedicated navigation buttons, I have found that they are a bit cumbersome to use, because on mine I need to push too hard to activate them--so I use the keyboard instead.  But the tablet has one thing I absolutely love--the navigation wheel, which I use to scale my photoshop brushes on the fly--it is really good for this, and has become second nature.  This is a fairly ergonomic way to work, no long reaches, and it works well for a rightie.

Does this make sense?  If you need visual clarification, I could send you a photo of my setup.



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