Thanks for this input. I've passed your suggestions on to the inquirer.


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> There are dealers associated with the Western art trade -- easel art
> derived from illustrating Westerns -- that buy and sell both posters and
> the original paintings that were then printed on book covers.  If I were
> this person, I would buy from the regular magazine suppliers (Barnes and
> Noble or Hastings, for instance) copies of magazines about Western art and
> then follow out the Gallery ads and particularly the auction ads to make
> contacts with dealers.  Most of the dealers I knew are dead now or I'd give
> you names.  Helen Card was noted for this category, so googling her name
> might work.
> Also,  is always a valuable place to begin.  It's a
> compendium of American artists, each one surveyed in terms of works,
> galleries, and so on.  Or you could ask the website directly.  If you put
> in the names of the artists -- though they may not have signed the art on
> the covers -- you'll probably turn up a lot of leads.  Put in John Clymer,
> Howard Terpning, and other people like that.  There are also lists of
> artists in various categories, though I don't remember seeing any category
> labeled "cover art."  Western writers have opinions on this subject:
> Richard Wheeler, for instance, froths on the subject of the inevitable
> gunfighter next to a busty gal with a torn blouse -- none of it remotely
> related to the story inside.
> It'd be fun to pursue this at the very least!
> Prairie Mary