I think I mentioned 2.4 for that C. amazonica, with 1.4 being the second smallest non-Scarabaeinae scarab beetle. That's literature though, I have no equipment for accurately measuring my own specimens.

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Hi Trond,

Was away at Road America, Wisconsin for the past couple of weeks.

There are numerous dung beetles in the range of 2 mm in length (eg. Panelus, Odontoloma, Haroldius, Caeconthobium etc...).  Not too many species fall under 2 mm in length.  Keith mentioned Haroldius convexus at 1.78mm.  In addition:  Boheplissus subtilis (Boh.) ranges 1.7 - 2.5 mm and Lepanus pisoniae (Lea) at 1.6 - 2.4 mm.  Auke mentioned Canthonella amazonica at 1.4 mm.  I didn't have a chance to check Canthonella, but I'm sure 1.4 mm is probably about the lower size limit.



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Does anyone know what is the world's smallest dung beetle species, and how large it is?