From your Crown Autocrats: RE, offsite food at Crown this Saturday.

If someone brings in a small amount of prepacked, purchased food in a
nondescript bag, not a problem. Just don't make a big deal out of it.
If someone comes in dragging a large cooler behind them they'll probably
get stopped and asked to take their cooler back to their car. (car picnics
are allowed)
If someone walks in the front door with a McDonald's bag...they'll probably
be asked to eat in their car or on the festival plaza.

The State of Nebraska Food Code has a lot of rules and stipulations in it
and they send inspectors in to make sure that we are in compliance with all
the codes. One way to avoid external contamination of food, utensils,
eating surfaces in a restaurant or food service establishment is to just
not allow external food in. This contamination could contribute to the
eating establishment losing it's license. (This mostly pertains to the
kitchen and the eating areas.) At the Kroc Center since we serve 5,000 kids
each summer a free breakfast and lunch, the potential for contamination and
shutdown of the kitchen is unthinkable.

So ask yourself: If someone were to bring in a contaminated food source
unknowingly would they want to be responsible for the kitchen not being
able to feed 5,000 hungry kids? Plus the Thanksgiving Dinner for homeless,
the Christmas Dinner, etc, etc. Is it worth the risk for one day? Now a
container of Oreos, most likely, isn't going to contaminate the kitchen so
if you bring in something like this my recommendation is to use common

A boxed lunch will be available for purchase and it will include a choice
of sandwich (there will be two sandwich options to choose from), chips, a
whole fruit, cookie and a bottle of water for $8.00. Plus the concessions
stand will be open and they will have some alternative lunch options. I've
also been told there will be hard boiled eggs and pickles for sale at the
lunch counter. And there are vending machines with pop. There will also be
maps available for eating establishments for those who would like to go out
to lunch. The festival plaza, an outdoor grassy area is also available if
people want to have a picnic. Does anybody know if it will be picnic
weather? Or you can have a car picnic!

Overall, this stipulation isn't meant to cause inconvenience for anyone,
there are many food options available! No one will go hungry and you can
always go to the concessions stand or the vending machines if you need a
quick snack.

If there are any concerns/questions please let me know.