Alban declared:
<<< Make charcoal? I've never seen anyone make it outside of professionals
and long-time re-enactors of the sort who work full-time at Williamsburg.
I suspect it'd take more than one or two days to make the stuff. >>>

You know, some of those SCA guys do the weirdest things. . .

In the CRAFTS section of the Florilegium:
Mkng-Charcoal-art (20K) 1/ 2/10 "Making Charcoal" by Viscount Sir Corin Anderson (KSCA, OP).

Still, this need not be a sheep-to-shawl type thing. I would find a source of good hardwood charcoal and buy that for your iron smelting experiment(s).  Then at another time, do a charcoal making experiment and write it up for the Florilegium, so we have two to compare against. :-)

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