Gerald's charcoal works fantastic.

On the bellows -- I've had people pump bellows for hours.  The trick is to keep telling them "Oh, should be about 20 more minutes".


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Charcoal making was last years project.  Ran two 3 foot deep 3 foot wide pits and a 10 foot haystack. So had a truck load. Casting w/ Guillume is working its way through it though.

On 10/2/2013 3:29 PM, Ted Eisenstein wrote:
>> yes, I too would like to do a smelt, of both normal bloom hardwood 
>> chunk fire (pre1400 technique) and coke fire pig ingot (post 1400). 

> Air supply: a blower made around 1910 was used. I can't remember if it 
> had to be hand-worked, or used electricity. I am not sure enough 
> people could be found who'd be willing to, oh, work the night shift, 
> 30 minutes at a time, madly pumping the bellows - that's a lot of 
> people with good stamina.
> Alban