Morning Kaz!

My google fu is strong today!

The song you are looking for is call Blue Jay and a Cardinal by Brian McNeill. It's found on his album Unslung Heroes.

Here's the link I pulled up -

And here's a clip on Amazon (the whole second verse!) -

Gotta love the digital tradition! :)

Namas te,
Sung Sai-rh

---- Kazimierz Verkmastare wrote:

I am trying to remember who recorded and from what album a song came from. I think it was called either 'Bluebird and the Cardinal" or "Bluejay and the Cardinal"

First verse started
Well, its a long road and a dusty road through the bramble and the rose
And a braver or a better man might know where it goes

Can anyone help? Would have heard it first in Vatavia somewhere in the mid to late 80s