I get a big bag of cedar bedding from the pet store and stuff old panty hose, or pillow cases (with channels sewn into them).  I run the legs of the panty hose in the sleeves of garments, hang the pillow cases from  hanger and put it between hanging garb.  Pillow cases can also be paid in the bottom, or top, of storage tubs.
You do need to redo these every couple of years or so to keep it fresh.  Which reminds me.......

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Sent: Thursday, October 3, 2013 10:31 AM
Subject: [CALONTIR] Garb Storage

Greetings all!

As some of you have heard, I recently moved into a new lovely house. As such, there is ROOM for me to properly store my garb. Most of it, I will be hanging. Some will be folded into dressers (like pants & such).

Here's my question - If hanging in a closet (or portable closet/wardrobe) what is the most effective way to keep moths, bugs, etc. away? Cedar blocks? Are there specific types to use or buy? I do most of my shopping on Amazon, so specific details are appreciated. :-)

Also - any other discussion regarding storage of garb, veils, hats, etc is appreciated. It's mostly linen, with just a few pieces of silk and wool.

Thanks, all!

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