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From: Krege, Barbara B
Date: Friday, October 4, 2013
Subject: [outlands] Battlemoor IV Youth Activities Thank You Letter
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 Greetings to the great populace of the Outlands,


A special welcome to our six new Pages in the Outlands Academy of Pages — Morgan of Dragonsspine, 11 (Dragonsspine), Elanor of Dragonsspine, 7 (Dragonsspine), Gavin of al-Barran, 8 (al-Barran), Isibel Sullivan, 13 (Caerthe), Morgan Magnus, 9 (Caerthe), and Auryn, 10 (Caer Galen).  We now have 50 Pages in our Page Academy!  Congratulations to the Battlemoor IV Youth Champions – Youth Swords:  Ravi, 6 (Caerthe), Ethan Robertson, 11 (Dragonsspine) and Fionn, 14 (al-Barran).  Youth Rapier:  Fionn, 14 (al-Barran) and Ahnaka, 12 (Ansteorra).  Archery Fun Shoot: Antonia Medici, 14 (Araquelle).  A&S Seige:  Dolce Medici, 11 (Araquelle) and Ahnaka, 12 (Ansteorra).    


Adam ben Avram, 14 (Caerthe) was recognized as the Outstanding Page for Battlemoor IV for his service as a town crier and help with garbage pick up, and also teaching and running Youth Swords, Bocce and Kubb activities.   There were many youth who also worked tirelessly for many hours running list cards, helping at the hydration station, running errands, helping with set up in their camps, helping teach the younger children, and helping us at Youth Hall.  They included Adam ben Avram, 14 (Caerthe), Keith d’Amour, 13 (al-Barran), Ian, 11 (Fontaine), Morgan, 9 (Caerthe), Alexandra, 12 (Windkeep), Aurora, 12 (Caerthe), Josie, 8 (Caerthe) and Stephanie, 8 (Caerthe).  


A very special thank you to THL Maria Abramsdottir, Dean of the Outlands Academy of Pages and B. IV Youth Activities Deputy, who helped with the scheduling and obtaining of teachers, taught classes at B.IV, and who works hard for our Pages all year!  It is not easy keeping track of the paperwork for our Pages and all of their classes and activities.  The Outlands Academy of Pages is now open to all Outlands youth, who have completed the first grade or are older.  For information about the Page Academy and enrollment forms, please contact THL Maria at [log in to unmask]');" target="_blank">[log in to unmask].  A very special thank you also to Lady Dana Ivarsson (al-Barran), B.IV Youth Activities Deputy, who spent many hours helping with the youth activities, donated prizes and fabric, and provided transportation for our supplies, and to Dawn Schadue (Nahrun Kabirun) who spent many hours helping with youth activities and donated prizes for the youth.  We are delighted that Master Angus Reid MacFarlane (Fontaine) has agreed to become the Outlands Page Academy Web Minister!


Many wonderful people contributed with gifts, materials, equipment, snacks, support, transportation of our supplies and equipment, and teaching at our classes and activities for the youth at Battlemoor IV.  When you see them, please say thanks!  Their Royal Majesties, Kyng Boleslav III and Cwene Astridr, donated a wonderful, wooden chest filled with period games.  Herr Wilhelm Meis (Dragonsspine) made and donated to the Kingdom a wonderful Kubb set, and Kubb became a big hit with old and young alike playing on Saturday and Sunday.  Herr Wilhelm also taught modern and period chess, which inspired the youth to play chess for many, many hours.  Lady Cahan O’Suil (Caerthe) provided ice and water, Master Adam Stedefast (al-Barran) lent his bocce set, parents donated ice and water, Lord Faelan O’Lachain of Galway (Caerthe) donated prizes, the Merchant Aurora Moon donated drawstring cloth bags to all youth swords tourney participants and 10 gift bags of assorted trinkets, the Famers Market (Albuquerque) donated a box of apples, an Elementary School in Albuquerque donated laminating services, THL Hannah d’Avilla (Caerthe) donated fabric, Fleeta Scholl donated 20 gift bags, Don Tristan Grey donated eight rapier youth swords and daggers, Lady Lukka (al-Barran) donated fabric and trim, Master Thorsin donated felt, THL Ailinn Shadowfox (Hawks Hollow) made and gave archery tassels to all youth who participated in the archery fun shoot, Lady Felicita Medici (Aarquelle) donated fabric and notions, Baron Sabastian Taylor of Dragonstrod (al-Barran) and the Barony of al-Barran transported youth supplies, Isabel la Biche d’Hiver (Caerthe) transported people and supplies on site during the rain, and Master Llywus ap Alan (Bryngolau) created and posted daily Youth Schedules.  We also really appreciated the help and support with our youth classes and activities from Dawn Schadue (Nahrun Kabirun), Lady Cahan O’Suil (Caerthe), Kira (Caerthe), Lady Adela de Renarde (al-Barran), and Lady Isabella Richardi (Caerthe).


Over 50 youth had fun and learned in our classes and activities, which included Period Songs (THL Jayne Barber, al-Barran and Lady Lukka, al-Barran), Youth Swords Fun at the Castle (Lord Faelan O’Lachain of Galway, Caerthe), Chess and Kubb (Herr Wilhlem, Dragonsspine), an Artisans Lane Tour and Practical Sewing class (Lady Felicita Medici, Aarquelle), Sewing Pouches and Feast/Tavern Dice Games (THL Maria Abramsdottir, Fontaine), Calligraphy (Lady Cadlae Horsey, Aarquelle), Brick Stitch and Fabric Buttons classes (THL Alamanda de la Roca, Fontaine, and THL Isabella di Francesco Ambrosini, Fontaine), Forging (Master Wilelm the Smith), Awards, Titles and Precedence (Master Adam Stedefast, al-Barran), Woodworking (Master Eadward Boicewright, Calontir, and Mistress Matilda de Seton, Caer Galen), Youth Rapier Class and Tourney (Don Tristan Grey, Caerthe, Mistress Gwen Cat, Caerthe, Dona Tatiana Bonacieux, Caer Galen, THL Thalia Ruggenall, Caerthe, and Lady Cahan, Caerthe), the Stags Bloods Battle with the Youth at the Castle (Lord Rowland of Lincolnshire, Drygestan), Archery class and Archery Fun Shoot (THL Ailinn Shadowfox, Hawks Hollow), and Youth Swords Class & Tourney, Bocce, and Kubb (Adam ben Avram, 14, Caerthe).


And a very, very special thank you to the Baronies of the Outlands, who at Battlemoor IV, agreed to help the Outlands Academy of Pages with the financing needed to purchase antique gold metal medallions and materials for our Pages and the Page Academy – a dream we have had since the inception of the Outlands Page Academy!


To everyone named above, on behalf of all the children, youth and teens attending Battlemoor, our most heartfelt thanks for your wonderful generosity and support!


THL Jayne Barber, Battlemoor IV Coordinator of Youth Activities,

THL Maria Abramsdottir, Dean of the Outlands Academy of Pages and B.IV Deputy for Youth Activities,

and Lady Dana Ivarsson, B.IV Deputy for Youth Activities




[Feel free to forward this email to other discussion lists.  THL Jayne Barber]

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