And this is one of the reasons I've thought about making an Arabian persona...


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Yes. Thank you.

Coffee was discovered pretty late. In the 13th or 14th C. Perhaps this is one reason why.  Ethiopia is really not that far from Europe, but it didn't reach London until 1650. Europe slightly earlier but still post-1600, which unless you are an Arab, coffee is non-period for you.

Much more on coffee:
coffee-msg (119K) 5/14/10 Coffee and coffee-type drinks.


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> Coffee is another one:
> Take inedible cherries, peel the fruit parts off and throw them away.
> Let the pits dry in the sun.
> Ok, then roast them in some sort of pan or oven until they're brown but not too brown.
> Then grind then up and boil them in water.
> Then strain out the ground up bits and throw them away.
> Ready? Now drink the bitter flavored water that's left over.
> Who dreams up this stuff??
> ~Soren

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