Yes, Kingdom A&S/Trilevels will be held in Vatavia March 22, 2014! 

For those who are new to Calontir, or new to the Arts & Sciences, or just curious about things.

The Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship is one of the few true competitions that we hold in Calontir in that entrants compete against each other and a "winner" is determined. In order to enter, you must bring THREE entries in three different categories. This is meant to show your breadth of skill. (The spirit of this is that you will not bring three entries that are similar, e.g., three written entries or three costuming entries -- even though there may be three writing or costuming categories available.) All entries will then be judged face-to-face at the advanced level. Current criteria are available here:

On this same day, we also hold Trilevels. For this, an entrant chooses to be judged at the novice, intermediate, or advanced level and competes only against themselves/the criteria -- that is, no winner is determined. The different levels of criteria can also be seen here: There is no requirement for how many entries you have, and you can enter more than once -- at different levels (to a maximum of 4 entries). 

Also, it's a great time to see all the cool stuff that the Kingdom is working on/doing. I find that it's different when you get to see three things that the championship entrants are working on -- each entrant can really showcase their stuff. And being able to choose your level makes some people more comfortable about entering.

Get started now, I hope to see a bunch of you there!

Maerwynn of Holme
Barony of Three Rivers, Calontir
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