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> Yes, Kingdom A&S/Trilevels will be held in Vatavia March 22, 2014!
> For those who are new to Calontir, or new to the Arts & Sciences, or just
> curious about things.
> The Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship is one of the few true
> competitions that we hold in Calontir in that entrants compete against each
> other and a "winner" is determined. In order to enter, you must bring THREE
> entries in three different categories. This is meant to show your breadth
> of skill. (The spirit of this is that you will not bring three entries that
> are similar, e.g., three written entries or three costuming entries -- even
> though there may be three writing or costuming categories available.) All
> entries will then be judged face-to-face at the advanced level. Current
> criteria are available here:
> On this same day, we also hold Trilevels. For this, an entrant chooses to
> be judged at the novice, intermediate, or advanced level and competes only
> against themselves/the criteria -- that is, no winner is determined. The
> different levels of criteria can also be seen here:
> There is no requirement for how many
> entries you have, and you can enter more than once -- at different levels
> (to a maximum of 4 entries).
> Also, it's a great time to see all the cool stuff that the Kingdom is
> working on/doing. I find that it's different when you get to see three
> things that the championship entrants are working on -- each entrant can
> really showcase their stuff. And being able to choose your level makes some
> people more comfortable about entering.
> Get started now, I hope to see a bunch of you there!
>  Maerwynn
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