To the populace of Calontir comes a heartfelt wish for health, peace, and joy from HL Natalya of Mag Mor.
As we, the people of Mag Mor, desire to increase the enjoyment of our activities in the Society, to improve our demeanor, and expand our experience in all things medieval, we do issue a challenge to all of the heartland.  We wish to establish the entire Crown Tournament site in Lonely Tower as "enchanted ground" for one hour.  To wit, to spend the hour between 2 and 3 o'clock on the day of Crown Tournament, the 2nd day of November, transported back into the Middle Ages.  We would ask that all would attempt to stay in persona for that one hour.
'Twill be difficult but not impossible--to speak of things as we should, to act as if we truly are the people we imagine ourselves to be.  You need not speak "forsoothly", just avoid modern terms and subjects.  Practice will ease the burden.
We hope the populace of Calontir finds this idea as exciting as we ourselves do.  We would like to become the re-enactors we sometimes say we are, instead of the re-creators of unconnected bits and pieces of the Middle Ages.
So, join us if you can, and make the Middle Ages live for a time.
Written in hope and expectation at my desk in Mag Mor,
HL Natalya Alekseya Vasilova