I will be there at 1:00.



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Our thanks to those who have responded already.  It looks like Saturday afternoon is the best choice so we're going to go with gathering you in at 1pm Saturday afternoon.  The more of us there are, the more quickly this will be done.  I'm hoping I only need to keep you an hour or so for this task and I have not given up hope we will have more here than I have heard from so far.  We need more than 7 adults and two youths to make this optimally efficient and quick.




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Leofwyna and Etienette need a dozen or more folks to step up and help "bucket brigade" a room full of mostly boxes of stuff out of a basement bedroom into the garage.  The rain storm this morning let a great deal of water in and we need to be able to finish drying the room out and stuff is in the way... stuff we were going to ask help moving up to the garage sometime soon anyway but now there's urgency to deal with it immediately.  We really want to get enough willing and able bodies so that no one needs to be running up and down the steps... just pass one box after another until the one room is cleared.



p.s.     There's no furniture involved in this moving project. 

p.p.s.   Each individual box has been lifted by one of us so they're not awfully heavy.