Thanks Annie. This should help her in her search.

I am ready to start looking for a puppy, but Will isn't. He wants to 
wait until at least after this summer. Sigh. I am lonely.


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On 10/21/13 10:17 AM, Anne Runyon wrote:
> Hi Patricia,
> A wonderful local wildlife rehabilitation organization that your niece 
> might explore is CLAWS, inc.
> It is just outside of Chapel Hill.
> Annie
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> Patricia,
> We've been involved with our local raptor rehabilitation and education 
> center in Eugene, Cascades Raptor Center, for many years as 
> volunteers. One of the things CRC does very well, is recruit young 
> people as volunteers. And, some of these students get really "hooked" 
> on these fascinating birds, they take more responsibility over time, 
> and some end up studying to go into wildlife rehabilitation or similar 
> types of jobs. They learn the types of care-giving needed for such 
> specialized birds, so even thought hey aren't veterinarians, per se, 
> they do some amazing work with these gorgeous birds.
> So, if there is a wildlife rehabilitation center nearby, that might be 
> a very interesting place to initially volunteer, to see how she liked 
> it, the to pursue the idea of a career in it, should she turn out to 
> become as smitten as so many do!
> Barbara
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