Thanks Annie. This should help her in her search.

I am ready to start looking for a puppy, but Will isn't. He wants to wait until at least after this summer. Sigh. I am lonely.



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On 10/21/13 10:17 AM, Anne Runyon wrote:
Hi Patricia,

A wonderful local wildlife rehabilitation organization that your niece might explore is CLAWS, inc.
It is just outside of Chapel Hill.


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We've been involved with our local raptor rehabilitation and education center in Eugene, Cascades Raptor Center, for many years as volunteers. One of the things CRC does very well, is recruit young people as volunteers. And, some of these students get really "hooked" on these fascinating birds, they take more responsibility over time, and some end up studying to go into wildlife rehabilitation or similar types of jobs. They learn the types of care-giving needed for such specialized birds, so even thought hey aren't veterinarians, per se, they do some amazing work with these gorgeous birds.

So, if there is a wildlife rehabilitation center nearby, that might be a very interesting place to initially volunteer, to see how she liked it, the to pursue the idea of a career in it, should she turn out to become as smitten as so many do!

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