Hi, Everyone,
About 3-4 times a year we receive requests from students for interviews 
about becoming a scientific illustrator; sometimes these requests are 
for class projects, sometimes for personal curiosity.

If any of you would be willing to be an interviewee from time to time, 
either email or phone, I would love to have you on a list of contacts 
that I could send to these students. You would of course not be 
obligated to do these interviews, and I would make it clear to the 
students that this will happen only if you have time and are willing, 
they should contact you by email first, etc.

I've done a few of these myself, they are usually short, maybe 15-20 
questions. I tend to go overboard, as it's a great opportunity to be in 
touch with someone who has an interest in our profession and may chose 
it eventually, a chance to be a goodwill ambassador for scientific 
illustration! I talk up the GNSI, of course, and point them to our 
website and the resources available there. Sometimes they don't know 
what to ask, so it's an educational opportunity all around.

Please contact me directly, _/off-list/_, if you would be willing to 
help out.


Gail Guth
Guth Illustration & Design
139 Lathrop Avenue
Battle Creek, MI  49014-5076
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