I have to say that I have been quite happy so far with the Adobe Cloud; one benefit I didn't realize until I had signed up is that you have access to ALL of their programs, not just a Design Suite or whatever. I have found several useful programs (Muse, especially, for creating websites) and support has been good. Other than the fact that my Adobe program Manager opens in Portuguese, which I do not speak, it all works well.

It's no surprise to me that Adobe has been hacked, it's a juicy target. We are so tied in to computer systems today that an Adobe breach is only one of many, many that can happen. We are all really hanging by a thread when it comes to security. You either opt out totally and get left behind or opt in and just do everything you can to monitor your own connections and be very aware of what you are doing and what emails you are opening, etc. Check your statements, and go directly to the website if you get an email asking you to change passwords, etc. I've had many emails come through that appeared to be totally legitimate but were not.

my 2¢

On 10/5/13 11:13 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">For a while, I can see it.....but we have to Keep Up. Our clients and jobs demand it. Fabricators, manufacturers, printers, digital media. 
I can remember when I held out from getting the new Microsoft Office, until I couldn't open the .docx files from my clients.  They are going to force us to keep up. 

In a way, this is expected. Someone breaching the technology. Because it happens, it forces the industry to protect itself better, and thus it's clients. 

I wish there wasn't such risk, but.....

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On Oct 4, 2013, at 9:46 PM, Michael Rothman wrote:

Hi all,

At the risk of sounding like a Luddite,  I will raise the question about delinking from the cloud for a while, at least in terms of the level of one's commitment to Adobe subscription services.   That is to say, if you already own, say Adobe CS5 or CS6 in the out-of-box-pre-subscription level, would it not make sense to resume using these slightly older products, suspend your on line cloud-based subscriptions, and change your passwords?

Just a thought.

Mike Rothman

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There's also an article in the NY Times:


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